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Minnesota Football season is here again! If you’re heading down to check out the game, you can pre-purchase a spot and avoid the hassle of navigating the crowds and searching for parking!

To purchase season parking passes at our Downtown East Ramp, CLICK HERE: At $192.50 per booklet, each contains 1 unique pass for each of the 7 regular season home games. You may purchase as many booklets as you would like! Your Parking Pass Booklet will mailed to you within 2-3 business days – please submit your order early to ensure delivery before game day! At 425 Park Avenue, the Downtown East parking ramp is located right next to the Metrodome & Mall of America Field.

To secure a spot ahead of time for an individual game, you may also purchase Football Parking passes through our partners at Multiple locations/options are available: CLICK HERE

Downtown East Ramp

Address: 425 Park Ave Minneapolis, MN 55415

Phone: 612-455-0702

2013-14 Football Season Schedule

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Parking in Minneapolis is easy with Minneapolis Parking’s multiple downtown parking ramp and lot locations. We have monthly parking, daily parking, and validation parking options!

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Monthly options for Minneapolis parking are cheap and start at $80.00/month. Stress free parking in downtown Minneapolis may be hard to come by, but as the largest private parking portfolio downtown, our facilities are quick, convenient, easy to use, and handicap accessible.
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