Downtown Minneapolis Parking Locations:

Daily, Monthly and Event Parking Available:

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#Location NameCross StreetMonthly Rate ($)Phone Number
01Block EHennepin Ave. & 7th St.185.57612-455-0702
02Seven CornersS Washington Ave & 19th Ave. S.69.59612-455-0702
03Centre Village5th Ave. & 8th St.165.97612-455-0702
04Downtown EastPark Ave. & 5th St.80.00612-455-0702
05Loring / HyattNicollet Mall & Grant St.139.18612-455-0702
06GatewayWashington Ave. & 4th Ave.48.00612-455-0702
07RamadaHawthorne Ave. & 10th St.110.00612-455-0702
08Orpheum Hennepin Ave. & 10th St.125.98612-455-0702
09Lot 2028Park Ave. & 10th St.90.52952-955-7098
10Lot 203910th Ave. S & 7th St. S90.00952-955-7098
11Lot 205012th Ave. & 6th St S.40.00952-955-7098
12St. Anthony Falls Ramp 2051SE University Ave. & SE 2nd Ave.75.00952-955-7098
13St Anthony Main Lot 2056SE University Ave. & SE 3rd Ave.65.00952-955-7098
14The Amory Parking Garage 20405th Ave. & 5th St S.125.00952-955-7098
15McClellan LotPark Ave. & S. 4th Stn/a612-455-0702
Multi-RampBlock E, Centre Village, Gateway, & Loring Ramps190.21612-455-0702

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Parking in Minneapolis is easy with Minneapolis Parking’s multiple downtown parking ramp and lot locations. We have monthly parking, daily parking, and validation parking options!

Stress Free Parking

Monthly options for Minneapolis parking are cheap and start at $80.00/month. Stress free parking in downtown Minneapolis may be hard to come by, but as the largest private parking portfolio downtown, our facilities are quick, convenient, easy to use, and handicap accessible.
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